Our Brand and Our Mission are One in the Same

Viewpoints August 2012


Limited Market

Nautical Software Solution develops software that is dedicated exclusively to the boating industry. Since the boating industry is a relatively small market, and we don’t have thousands of customers to rely on, the cost of software development has to be amortized over a period of time in order for companies like NSS to stay in business. If not, the original cost of the software would be so expensive it would be out of reach of most marine businesses.

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Viewpoints February 2012

Nss commits to the future

Since NSS’s purchase of WatchCaptain Professional (M-PRO) and The Marine Program (TMP), our support and development staff has had the opportunity to analyze both products thoroughly. We have evaluated the pros and cons of these products and NSS is now ready to re-write both software programs, as well our Marine Service Shop (M-SHOP) software.

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Viewpoints September 2010

What Makes Nautical Software Solution Different

As a marine business that deals exclusively with the boating industry, we are familiar with what makes it tick. Having a software product dedicated to the marine industry since 1992, we’ve seen many changes, not only in the boating industry but in software technology as well.

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