The Marina Program (TMP)

Our Brand and Our Mission are One in the Same


Key Features and Benefits

Set-up is Customized

We realize no two marinas are alike so, over the years, we’ve created customized set-up procedures. First, we complete a pre-configuration and install some general parameters, such as rates, recurring charges, taxes, G/L labels and late fees. If the optional Harbor Graphic has been ordered, we will design the layout and set up the necessary data files.

Installation Easily Conducted In-House

Depending on staff time, computer skills and bookkeeping experience, all that is typically needed is available in our detailed manual and installation instructions. Your in-house project manager follows the outlined steps to easily reconcile the old system with the new TMP system. After installation, typically you’ll simply need to enter your tenant data to get up and running.

Reporting For Every Need

It’s easy to generate key financial, accounting, and marina operations reports. From the main tenant/guest screens, generate reports associated with a specific tenant. From a menu option, generate journal reports, account receivable reports, occupancy/vacancy inventory reports and more. Capabilities beyond such standard reports are provided as well.

Multiple Location Support

From small private owner/operators to large multi-site ports, increasingly marina operators are banding together into groups or expanding their operations to multiple facilities. TMP provides multiple levels of multi-site control enabling all information to be shared, while still allowing per-marina management for keeping all information separate.


TMP comes with 30-day online support. We also provide optional on-site or remote installation and training. We can assist you with data conversion from your current software system if needed. However, please remember that our support and training doesn’t start or end with installation: NSS offers day-to-day operations and executive level consulting.


Tenant and Guest Management

The Tenant and Guest windows are the main windows into all customer interactions. From one central window marina operators have access to all customer account information including slip assignment, reservation history, recurring charges, billing activities, vessel codes, insurance information, wait list information, and meter utility usage. In addition WatchCaptain understands that one customer may have multiple vessels or slip assignments. these case are eaily handled within The Marina Program.

Tenant and Guest History

History detail relating to a tenant or guest is available by clicking the history button. The history function shows history for the last few months or the last year.

Lists and Reports

The Marina Program makes it easy to quickly generate account information relating to tenants or guests data can be generated for moorage contracts, phone directories, wait lists, balances due, occupancy reports. If a specific reporting need cannot be found in TMP’s standard reports capabilities are provided so that external programs such as report writers can access TMP data.

Graphical Marina Interface

Just like a picture tells a thousand words, TMP’s harbor graphic easily enables marinas to manages thousands of slips. Click on a slip and view that slips history of occupants. TMP can be configured with up to eight separate graphic screens which can be used to manage slips, moorings, RV parks, building assets, dry storage and more. Each graphic includes standard and customizable color coding schemes so operators can quickly view occupancy, search for availability, and allocate reservations – either by slip or linear foot.

Date View

Change the Date View range to the requested reservation date to show you the vacant slips. The (user defined) colors change automatically to reflect occupancy/vacancy. Click on a vacant slip and enter the guests information. It is that simple.

Point of Sale

TMP provides the marina operator with all the tools it needs to run it’s small Marina store including categorized items, cash management, barcode integration, and multiple payment methods. All transactions are tied into tenant and guest records. Customers can charge items to their account, which show up on their statement at the end of the month or they can pay at the time of purchase. This module is designed to work with a receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner.


Categories can be set up for similar items. Items carry a price, and tax status.

Small Store Inventory

Designed to provide a simple inventory solution for small marina stores. The small store inventory module allows you to track inventory quantity levels and costs.

Billing & Accounting

The Marina Program is a full-featured Accounts Receivable and Data Management application. You can easily assign recurring charges to a tenant, charge guests, all transactions are posted to the proper accounts. You close your books monthly. The Marina Program provides an export facility to export summarized period data to text files, and QuickBooks, but QuickBooks is not required.


The Marina Program prints out statements or interim statements (and invoices) on request. All monthly statements show any balance forward, aged balances, and transactions for the month with descriptive line item descriptions to eliminate billing disputes. Statements can include a message defined by the Marina, insurance expiration notices if the boat’s insurance is going to expire within the next month. Late notices if payment of the statement is past due. Statements can be on preprinted forms or blank paper, or Post Cards.

Accounting Reports

The Marina Program has accumulated just about every accounting related report imagineable since it’s inception. Each new version carries reports forward. In addition to general Journal reports. TMP includes Accounts Receivable reports such as the Aged Receivable Report, and Delinquency Report, various A/R list formats for Late Notices. If a specific reporting need cannot be found in TMP’s standard reports capabilities are provided so that external programs such as report writers can access the underlining TMP data.

Meter Readings

Meter reading starts with a Meter Reading List that shows the previous meter reading with a field for the new meter reading. Entering the new reading is a quick process – the calculation is made and the transactions are saved. Full transaction detail is available for current and past months, and prints in detail on the customer statement. The Meter Rate Fee Schedule is comprehensive, with alternate flat fees and minimums that can be built into the rate schedule.

Handheld Support

The Marina Program integrates with a handheld unit so readings can be taken on the docks and downloaded for automatic calculations.

Security Access Card Keys

The Marina Program seamlessly interfaces with card key access systems from Separate Systems, Inc. (SSI), and ALX Technology You can assign, activate, deactivate, and delete keys from within the Marina Program, you can also run numerous access control reports all from within the Marina Program.

ACH Debit

The Marina Program exports an ACH file used by your bank to debit your customer accounts for the money owed to you. Batch amounts owed are sent to your bank with the payments being posted automatically to the individual tenant records in The Marina Program. This feature can be used with any bank that accepts ACH files. Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Region Bank, Union Bank all have Marina Program customers using this time saving, low cost feature. Let’s add your bank to the list so you can start saving today.Check and see if your bank supports the importing of an ACH file!

Credit Card Batch Processing

The Marina Program exports to Fast Transact for credit card processing of monies owed for the period. Payments are automatically posted to the accounts, saving significant time on data entry.

In Development

The Marina Program will be interfacing with Fast Transact for online credit card transactions

Gas Pump Interface

The Marina Program’s POS option seamlessly interfaces with the gas pump interface from RMS Software From within the Marina Program you can cash out a sale from your fuel dock, TMP handles normal sales, and prepaid sales, the RMS software also handles pay at the pump.

Dry Storage & Launch Scheduler

The Marina Program has many tools for your dry storage facility. Dry storage graphics can handle rack & stack, yard, trailers or dry stack for boats, jet-skis, and kayaks. The Dry Storage Launch Scheduler can be used to schedule a launch or recovery, schedule a haul out to dry stack, trailer, or work rack. Print a Launch or Recovery Schedule, or print a launch or recovery log. In addition you can print out individual launch requests.

Hot Berth Inventory-Dock Check

Print out Dock check lists with spaces and assigned boats. Easily reconcile discrepancies between actual slip occupants and assigned slip occupants. This option also integrates with a handheld device to eliminate the manual entry of the inventory results.


The Dockominium module enables the management of slips owned by someone other than the marina. Ability to set spaces as type Lessor without changing the vacancy status of the space. Reporting capabilities to show rents received for all owners and the percentages the marina must give each owner. or work rack. Print a Launch or Recovery Schedule, or print a launch or recovery log. In addition you can print out individual launch requests.